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As a teenager in Vladivostok, Russia, I wouldn’t call my diet especially healthy—especially when I left Russia to study International Economics in Dalian, China. My diet basically consisted of rice, cheap veggies, and noodles. Most of my money went to shopping and clubbing.

I would like to share my thoughts and results of the detox retreat marathon. Honestly it was my first participation in any heathy detox program. Even though I do like vegetables and fruits and they are a big part of my diet, but it was a great experience with such an amazing coach. She gave a lot of great ideas, tasty recipes, I would definitely include them in my daily dieting habits. The most incredible recipe was smoothie bowl, there are variety of ways you can make it and you won’t get voted with it even if you’ll eat it every day 😍 highly recommend it to everyone who want to test yourself, learn something new and overall have a new great experience 😍 great thanks to our coach, for all the help and support ❤️u are the best 🙂

Jane M.

    List of services

    Create Custom Plan
    • Establish goal - healthier diet, confidence building, stress management

    • Detox program to kickstart new plan and get rid of existing toxins in the body
    • Cooking classes geared towards vegetarian and vegan recipes
    • Incorporate healthier food choices into daily diet
    • Overview of supplements and vitamins 

    Review / Analyze
    • Review of current diet and daily habits including sleeping patterns and exercise regimen

    • Examine food and snacks in refrigerator and kitchen
    • Food label education and general overview of healthy supermarket products

    Weekly Review
    • Weekly review of goals and recap of plan execution

    • Find areas of improvement

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