My Health Story

Treat your body like you are a Ferrari!

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As a teenager in Vladivostok, Russia, I wouldn’t call my diet especially healthy—especially when I left Russia to study International Economics in Dalian, China. My diet basically consisted of rice, cheap veggies, and noodles. Most of my money went to shopping and clubbing.

Even though I was eating poorly, I got by thanks to my great metabolism. Miraculously, I didn’t gain any weight; in fact, I lost some. When I returned to Vladivostok in pursuit of my second degree, I weighed about 110lbs—and could eat midnight snacks consisting of pizza and pasta carbonara without issue.

Everything changed after I moved to New York. I found American food to be more processed and immediately felt it. I gained nearly twenty pounds in my first couple of months stateside! Meanwhile, my food sensitivities intensified, resulting in severe eczema all over my face, neck, and parts of my hands and legs. I was devastated.

To make matters worse, I was working in the beauty industry. It was torturous to go to work and discuss beauty and cosmetics while my own skin looked dreadful. People would ask me about it constantly, making me feel even worse.

I saw multiple doctors and spent a ton of money because I didn’t have health insurance back then. Allergy tests revealed nothing. Doctors would just give me steroid creams that concealed the problem rather than addressed it. My body was screaming for help.

Then I came across a wonderful book: “CLEAN” by Alejandro Junger. That marked the beginning of my journey. I did a 30-day cleanse and got rid of most of my skin problems. I was so excited—too excited, as it turned out. Thinking I was “healed,” I returned to my bad eating habits. My problems returned, worse this time. It was then that I committed to lasting change.

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I ended up attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I met a lot of great people and made new friends. It was then that I realized I want to help people. I started by helping friends and those close to me, who still call/text me for advice. Each friend, without fail, would tell me I should pursue health coaching as a career because I love it and already know enough to start sharing and helping others.

Along the way I earned my Vegan Health Chef certificate, so I can advise my clients how to cook both healthy and delicious meals. Though I am not vegan, my diet is mostly plant-based. I work with many clients who are transitioning to vegetarian/vegan diets by choice or for health reasons. But I also consult for plenty of non-vegetarian clients because I don’t like forcing lifestyle choices upon anyone. If you love meat, great! Fish? Even better. I would love to help you choose a lifestyle that works for you. I want to show you that healthy can also be mouthwatering.

I’ve been in New York nearly 10 years. My health journey has been long and difficult. I am still learning, but I am a strong believer that healthy living is a never-ending journey. I am currently studying kinesiology and about to start psychosomatics, which I find astonishing.

Send me a message and during our first consultation we will decide what is your perfect next step toward a different, better version of yourself. I look forward to hearing from you.